Sailing the Greek Islands

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greeceGreece is a fascinating country to visit where rich culture and tradition awaits tourists and everyone will surely fall in love with all the wonderful historical sites and sceneries they’ll witness.

If you are a yacht enthusiast whether for fun or sport, then one of the interesting places to visit in Greece is the Greek Islands, which makes up 20% of the total area of Greece. They create more than 15000 kilometres of coastline and the Mediterranean type of climate with dry hot summers and mild moist winters, makes it an ideal yachting area.

Greece is one of the top charter destinations in the world and is tailor made for visit and explorations using a classic sailing or motor yacht. Over 1400 islands, each with its own attractions and characters, and classical history and ruins can be found that makes yacht charter in Greece interesting.
This is indeed an ideal sailing holiday location for you to relax and enjoy the fresh clean air of the islands. Below are some of the islands that you might want to visit in Greece:

The Saronic Islands

Whilst being the closest to Athens, mass tourism has mostly avoided these islands and they offer a welcome weekend escape for many Athenians. The islands have an important history and interesting traditions gathered from many centuries of inhabitation.

The sheltered location make them an ideal cruising location with plenty of harbours, gorgeous bays, and beaches such as Poros, Aegina, and Hydra to explore. This modest and captivating group of islands has a lot to offer to yachtsman from great restaurants and designer shops to the warm waters perfect for swimming.

The Ionian Islands

Located on the western part of Greece, in the Adriatic Sea, these islands are famous for their warm and high salt content waters. The islands are rich in French and British occupation legacies. An absolute paradise, you’ll find the true meaning of hospitality in these islands.

The islands are composed of Corfu (the busiest all), Zakinthos, Lefkada, Kefalonia, Paxoi, Kythira, Ithaca, amongst others. The Ionian islands are also known for their charming villages, green landscapes, and gorgeous beaches.
The Cyclades Islands

The most famous of all Greek islands, it is composed of 39 islands, where only 24 of which are inhabited. These islands are a haven for cruising around and for sailing enthusiast because of the proximity amongst the islands and the diversity, making them definitely one of the best groups of islands to visit.
Some of the well-known ones include Amorgos, Andros, Antiparos, Delos, Ios, Kea, Folegandros, Milos, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, and Santorini.

Getting to know Buenos Aires neighborhoods

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buenos-airesSince the “crisis” of the economy, when the peso was devalued, at the end of 2001, Buenos Aires has become an incredible travel value and continues to blossom in every way: culturally, economically and socially, as a result…with cozy cafes and parrillas (barbecue houses, with Argentinian meats and wines) on nearly every corner; beautiful, wide, tree-lined avenues to stroll on, with lovers or friends; charming neighborhoods, with even more charming balconies, doors and cupolas, of Arte Nouveau, Classical and Modern architectural styles, to gaze upon, every day; the background music of the tango spilling out into the streets, echoing in the subways and informing the entire city, with its passionately melancholic mood.

As in most major cities of the world, each of Buenos Aires’ many barrios(the numbers and boundaries appear to be vague, at best), possesses it’s own unique flavor and charm; San Telmo or tango, small cobbled streets, older buildings, closely spaced; Puerto Madero which was built around the beautiful, historic dockside warehouses, from the 1800’s, Puerto Madero is now full of tourist restaurants and very high end, modern hotels; Palermo the most green space and trendiest now; Recoleta Eva Peron’s cemetery and Hotel Alvear…most luxurious French architecture in Buenos Aires; La Boca and rough. Dockside, original, Italian immigrant settlement south of the Microcentro,the financial centers, tight streets, Casa Rosada, The Cathedral; etc. Luckily, Buenos Aires is blessed with an abundant system of public transport: taxis, buses, subways, boats, trains, etc. , providing visitors and locals, alike, with many transit options, in any moment. So, you needn’t rent a car and add to the overcrowded, city streets.

In every district in Buenos Aires dozens of buildings are under construction. Real estate opportunities are everywhere. Buenos Aires apartments are very affordable with prices in prime locations starting at $1,500 dollars per square meter. The real estate market has considerable growth potential over the next 5 years. Key reasons include the current shortage of housing and the country’s tourism boom is attracting attention from foreign investors. In addition, real estate in Argentina is viewed as the safest investment.